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INTEGRATE Clinical Trial

A feasibility study exploring new ways of managing neck and back pain after road traffic crash or workplace injury  in Western Australia

What is this study about?

  • We are looking for people with neck or back pain after a recent road traffic crash or workplace injury in Western Australia to participate in a clinical trial.

  • We will compare two different ways of treating compensable neck or back pain. We want to find out which might be best and what the associated costs of each are.

  • Currently, it is uncertain which treatment approach is best for neck and back pain and the benefits of treatment are often short-term.

  • New studies suggest that it may be useful to integrate treatment from various health care professionals to address all aspects of a person’s pain experience.

  • The current project will test this integrated approach compared to usual care in a pilot study of 60 people.

  • This project will help inform health care practitioners, funders, and policy makers about better care for individuals with these quite common injuries.

  • We have ethics approval from Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (approval HRE2020-0470), Royal Perth Hospital (approval RGS0000004762) and Ramsay Health Care WA|SA (approval 2130W). 


How to participate

The problem

Who are we?

** Please note: We are no longer recruiting participants **


Contact Us

Curtin University
School of Allied Health
Western Australia

ph: (08) 9266 3176

Thanks for contacting us!

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